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Struggling with projects?

We build agile teams and lead complex projects.

We help you with low performing teams and struggling projects


Since our beginnings our experts were involved in building up international agile teams. 

During Covid times this experience allowed us to help customers to overcome this period without issues. 

Our managers can consult you or take over the struggling derailed project and bring it into boundaries.

Agile software development brings flexibility

Flexibility in size

Build teams of size which you really need

We build teams of different sizes and can scale the team size up to more than 300 people. Rely on experts on this field and achieve great results.

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Marathon Runners

High Perfomance

Increase the performance of your existing teams

We make existing teams more efficient, set up proper processes for remote work and remove blockers which reduce productivity.

We help you to make it work

We deliver needed skillset into your team

Avoid IT skills shortage

Avoid skills shortage and use nearshoring

We source your teams based on your requirement also internationally. You will avoid skills shortage and budget overruns.

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