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A TOP IT manager's secret checklist: 4 signs your existing IT provider may be cheating on you

There are many IT providers on the market nowadays. A lot of them use unclean business practices, and after reading this blog you may reevaluate the perception of your IT provider.

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#1, You are stuck with long term contracts

Customers are very often forced into long-term contracts with their IT providers. What is in the beginning supposedly benefit turns very quickly into a disadvantage. Customers are limited in their choices, pricing possibilities and the provider lacks the motivation to deliver quality services and also people.

#2, You have limited choice of IT experts

Are you lacking a choice of quality IT experts? Are you always dealing with the same people even if you are completely dissatisfied with their performance? This is a very strong signal, you get only B-category staff from your existing IT provider, which is often a practice once you sign long-term high-volume contracts. In this case, you should consider acting. The solution could be bringing additional capacities into your environment and increase the internal competition, which should lead to a quality increase of IT experts working for you.

#3, You can not leverage the international resource pool

One considerable factor which can pull you down is the accessibility of an international resource pool. Quality IT experts are very rare and local markets can supply only a certain number. Local IT providers often lack access to international resources and you are not leveraging from wide expertise on the international market. On top of it, you are not benefiting from possible cost-saving achievable by IT outsourcing into other countries.

#4, You pay much more than you need to

Imagine you could get a team of 5 IT experts in CEE country, for the price of 2 experts from your local IT provider. The cost difference, equal timezone, quality, and language skills were major attributes for many companies to leverage from IT outsourcing in Central and Eastern Europe. Local IT providers try to block this process to be able to sell high-priced IT capacities to their customers, but in times of internationality and remote work, this gets less and less successful.


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