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Achieving Paperless Office with Digital Transformation

The paperless office is currently a prevalent topic in the world. Many companies and businesses are trying to implement improvements in this area to speed up the processes and reduce administration. Ecological and climate goals have also played an important role in recent times.

IT company with paperless office

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How to establish a paperless office

Nevertheless, companies' paper usage is still high, bringing several problems in processing, exchanging, archiving documents and high administrative complexity. The COVID era has brought many companies to the brink of strength. Failure of managing processes has created the need for fast digitalization and automation.

Digitalization and automation can reduce administrative costs up to 30% within six months and up to 50% in one year.

Modern technologies are the solutions

The introduction of new technologies into already established processes feels like walking on thin ice for many people. They fear that implementing new procedures won't help the company and will bring nothing but complications and undesired cost increases.

Companies tend to be conservative and do not consider the potential benefits modern technology could bring into their business.

For instance, by using artificial intelligence - AI or robotic process automation - RPA, we can eliminate paper from processes and the problems it causes. Another benefit is that it creates space for employees to perform tasks with higher added value instead of routine, repetitive work, or banalities.

Implementation of paperless office at APM Digital

At APM Digital, we have been devoted to digitalize processes for a long time now, so it is not surprising that we have also digitalized internally. The process of digitalization was not immediate. It took place gradually. Currently, we have managed to achieve an almost 100 % digitalization rate. This has enabled us to operate impressively efficiently, faster, from anywhere, and we have also achieved significant cost savings.

We digitalized in-house processes such as accounting and back office

At first, we have digitalized the exchange and processing of accounting documents. Paper documents are scanned immediately upon entry, then processed only electronically. Subsequently, administrative processes came into play, where we greatly automated manual activities, such as rewriting data from one system to another.

We digitalized internal company communication

We have already introduced electronic tools for internal communication before COVID, such as MS Teams, to communicate and exchange basic documents. Employees can work full-time without a significant impact on their quality of work. Our approach of working in agile teams also improves communication, especially in these challenging times.

We digitalized sales and the communication with customers

We have implemented a cloud CRM system - Salesforce, which allows us to have a comprehensive customer view. With this tool, the sales team has access to the entire history of communication with the customer from anywhere. It can create orders, reports, etc. In a short time, CRM has become a central tool in our company into which we automatically upload data from other systems.

We digitalized recruitment and communication with job seekers

We also deploy CRM Salesforce to communicate with job seekers. Automation processes the profiles from the career portal, such as Profesia (Slovak Job Portal). The applicant is automatically forwarded with an online form for processing personal data, then it automatically processes e-mails and creates a candidate folder in CRM. Just this step alone saves the company much time, as well as considerable costs.

We digitalized employees' Attendance tracking and integrated Attendance Chatbot

Digitalization has also transformed the way employees track their attendance. Our employees have the opportunity to write to the chatbot upon arrival at work, and their arrival is recorded. They can also see very quickly who on their team is currently at work, on holidays, or unavailable. The system works from anywhere, which is a huge benefit during the period of remote work. The system also allows us to log in via a mobile application from any place or, if necessary, limit the place of logging to a certain location.

We digitalized contracts and implemented electronic signatures

Due to the consulting nature of our business, we are quite often on the roads. We perceived the need to streamline the signing of contracts, as there were unnecessary delays in signing them or increased administrative complexity. We have completely digitalized the contracts and introduced a tool for the electronic signing of contracts with additional SMS authentication of signing parties.

We communicate electronically with the authorities

If you have read this far, you are probably not surprised that communication with authorities occurs completely electronically within the state administration's current possibilities.

Thanks to digitalization, we have higher quality data and save thousands of EUR monthly

Digitalization saved us considerable resources in administration and significantly streamlined the company's operation and communication with the external world. It also relieved us of the necessary physical presence in offices.

With digitalization, we have achieved:

  • saving costs for administrative services and other activities in the number of thousands of EUR per month

  • significant increase in the quality of available data

  • the ability to create various automated reports, which was not previously possible to this extent

  • elimination of manual rewriting of data from one system to another

  • targeting employees for other, more qualified tasks

  • eliminating the need for frequent trips to and from the post office

  • a unified and fast overview of communication with customers and job seekers

  • reducing the need for physical presence in offices

We can help with the digitalization of processes in your company

What does it look like in your company? Do you have digitalized and automated processes, or are you still struggling with rewriting data from one system to another, from paper to the system?

In the new era of digitalization, you must be able to seize the opportunities offered and achieve greater efficiency. The competition does not sleep, automates, and strives for complete digitalization. Shortcomings in this area can get you lost or close your business in a short time.


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