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APM Digital grows rapidly despite pandemic

The pandemic significantly affected all segments. It also affected the ​​IT segment, where companies jumped on the wave of optimisation and one of the decisive factors for success was a quick and flexible response to the market situation, says Marian Jurenka, director of the Slovak technology company APM Digital.

CEO - IT company APM Digital grows rapidly despite pandemic

CEO APM Digital, Marian Jurenka

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Pandemic changed the way many companies operate, how has it affected you?

The first wave shook almost everyone. Predicting something similar and to such an extent is almost impossible. Many of our clients have literally "frozen" for a few weeks or months for a while. We also re-evaluated many of our established processes and had a choice - rigid persistence and waiting for the release of measures with return to normal afterwards or agile response to the so-called. new normal. After a few months, the ability to react quickly to this change turns out to be crucial.

What have you changed and which of these new approaches will be used in the future?

Remote work is not new for our company. Nevertheless, it was necessary to adjust some business processes in order to be able to operate remotely for a longer period. The second, and from our point of view even more important decision, was a very fast transition to a paperless office and the automation of a large number of processes related to our core business - IT Staffing.

When did the card turn over?

We were very pleasantly surprised that after only a few weeks of stagnation, the demand for our services increased considerably. We responded to this quickly, and since we were able to implement the changes mentioned above, we saw an extreme growth in following weeks and months.

In what spirit was the turn of the years and the first quarter of 2021?

We realised that we are not the only ones going through the implementation of changes associated with digitalisation. Like us, other companies needed a helping hand with setting up and integrating work from home, digitalising processes, etc. However, we were ahead. The second important decision was to set the whole company on a strong pro-growth "mode".

What is it all about?

We work with many technologies in our business. Clients and users are from different industries (finance, automotive, energy and others), we bring together project managers, technical engineers and IT developers. If you want to cover all this well and achieve growth, you need not only flexibility but also quality planning. This is the second most important moment if a company wants to grow and expand.

What will be the trends in IT and technology?

It turns out that many of the changes brought by the pandemic will be new normal. This term is starting to be used more often, so I will use it too.

  • Many clients introduce a hybrid model of work (mix of work from home and office) for their employees.

  • The amount of office capacity will be reduced, as online meetings have proven to be a sufficient substitute for face-to-face business meetings.

  • Digitalisation of processes, automation, transition to the cloud and other changes were drastically accelerated by covid. I think that the dynamics of change will be even more visible in coming period.

Therefore, it will be very crucial for companies to react very flexibly to this fact. Technology will play not an important but a key role in all sectors. Only those who accept it and start with digitalisation fast will survive.

About APM Digital Group

APM Digital was founded in 2016 with a single mission: to guide our clients through the Digital Transformation and help them be prepared in a rapidly changing market.

  • Most of the company's customers are based in the EU, especially in Germany and Austria, but the company is increasingly providing services and solutions to customers in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

  • It focuses on the provision of IT Experts for projects abroad and in Slovakia, digitalisation of business processes, business automation, CRM Salesforce and MS Dynamics.

  • Important part of service portfolio are management of agile teams and project management in the field of IT.


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