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Digitalization and agile management efficiently during COVID

In this blog, we'll give you an insight into our life and work at APM Digital. As a company, we have undergone a major digital transformation and without it, our life would be unimaginable nowadays.

efficient agile team and digitalization during covid

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IT services for banking, finance and automotive in Slovakia and abroad

To begin with, we are a Slovak IT company that supplies development, project management and digital transformation services to international concerns in Slovakia, Austria and Germany.

We have been operating in the IT sector since 2016, so it may come as no surprise that prior to COVID-19, some of our employees were already working either from home or directly with clients. We are very pleased that we have been able to expand our ranks of internal and external employees even in this challenging coronacrisis period, as we have a whole host of interesting projects.

Agile management has given us flexibility and increased collaboration

The growth of the company in this period has had its specificities and certain challenges. One of them is the ability to react quickly and flexibly to changing regulations and thus ensure the stable operation of the company's departments. All processes in the company operate in agile sprint mode, which allows us to have the necessary agility regardless of whether someone is in the office or working from home. Thus, we can react very quickly to changing priorities when needed.

Another benefit of agile is that it increases collaboration between departments and breaks down traditional so-called "silos". We have teams in which colleagues from marketing, sales and IT work together on diverse projects and have very frequent and intensive discussions with each other. All this even on an international level.

You can hear English and German very often here

A very interesting aspect of our company is the fact that the first project was not carried out in Slovakia, but in Germany. Some time has passed since then and we have several foreign colleagues in our ranks. Although we have tried it, Slovak is probably not their mother tongue. Therefore, we always switch to English in our meetings and, if we look at it with perspective, almost 70% of the meetings are in English. We also hear German extensively, and not only in the sales department.

During 2019, we went completely digital and achieved a 100% paperless office

In the middle of 2018, our management came up with the Paperless Office initiative, which had the goal of completely "eliminating" paper in the following year. The motivation was environmental aspects, but also the constant encounter of paper problems with colleagues who were abroad on client projects. There was a constant need to scan documents, print them for signatures, forward them by post and this caused time delays. At one point we ran out of patience and decided to do something about it as a company.

What we did as part of the digitalisation:

  • We computerized all internal processes and processes for communication with customers

  • we implemented a cloud-based CRM system

  • we have introduced an attendance chatbot that checks in with us and which we can ask who is currently at work. We can also check in with the mobile app if we are in the field.

  • We have chosen MS Teams for team communication and use it extensively

  • We have implemented platforms like Confluence in the internal environment as well. They are more flexible for distributed teams than Word or Excel

  • we have digitised contracts and introduced digital signatures, which completely eliminate the need to print and mail contracts

  • we have automated the recruitment process, shifting activities previously handled manually to robots

How our employees perceive it

However, the introduction of new tools and their integration has increased the complexity of IT administration. We asked our Cloud and Salesforce administrator Ivan how he perceives the situation in the company and what challenges he has to manage:

"I have been working at APM Digital for a few months now and I must say that our projects are very diverse and interesting. I have the opportunity to work with the most modern cloud platforms, I also work very intensively with colleagues from other departments, which is nice ;) as an admin I also support developers and ensure smooth Go-Live of projects. We have deployed 3 new systems in the last 5 months alone. I am happy and also proud when our Sales Manager writes me in front of everyone in the common group in MS Teams, a sentence like: "guys, I am amazed how good it works. It is very cool, thank you very much for the good job. This is a game changer." Furthermore, I see it as an extreme benefit that I can see the results of my work very quickly. A lot of times it doesn't even take 2 weeks from assignment to deployment, which is mega fast compared to other companies. I look forward to more cool projects"

Ivan - Cloud and Salesforce CRM Administrator


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