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Hot TECH events in April and May

We bring to your attention the next technology events you must not miss.

April 2023

24 – 27 April, London, United Kingdom

One of the biggest in-person JavaScript conferences in Europe, definitely a great place to learn about the latest developments and trends in the JS ecosystem. You can expect jam-packed keynotes, sessions, and workshops. From Angular and React to WebAssembly; from Progressive Web Apps to JAMstack – international experts share insights on the present and future JavaScript. This year’s keynotes revolve around Svelte and the power of reactivity in leading frameworks.

27 April, Bratislava, Slovakia

The topic of cybersecurity is more relevant today than ever before.

With the development of cognitive systems for AI, questions about its benefits and threats are becoming more pressing. In the past, cyberattacks were related to the leakage of personal data, but now they can also directly threaten your life. How to find resources and fund information security effectively?

The 13th annual SecTec Security Day 2023 conference will attempt to answer these and many other questions.

May 2023

11 May, Bratislava, Slovakia

CODECON is an inspiring place for all intelligent, introverted, extroverted and even a pinch of geeky developers. This is our zone, this is our world. Everyone is welcome. Totally experienced devs, opensource ultras and even newcomers from universities. Join us. We are looking forward to seeing you at the largest gathering of the developer community in Slovakia and the Czech Republic on May 11, 2023.

23 - 24 May, Virtual Event

25 - 26 May, Vilnius, Lithuania

DevDays Europe is a conference gathering distinguished speakers and developers from all around the world. The event focuses on the latest trends and best practices in software development in various technological platforms and programming languages. You will have the opportunity to learn about cutting-edge technologies from international specialists and tech enthusiasts. DevDays is dedicated to developers that are serious about staying informed of the latest trends, tech advances and using that knowledge to create innovative solutions and new technologies.

23 - 25 May, Prague, Czechia

The 21st edition of the largest and annually repeated Czechoslovak conference TechEd 2023.

You can look forward to lectures by leading Slovak and Czech experts from the world of information technology. The conference is intended for IT and database specialists, developers, security experts and all those who want to have an overview of current and future trends in the field of Microsoft products and IT. The whole conference will be held in a hybrid format - 3 days in Prague and online stream.


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