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IT freelance career at APM Digital

At APM Digital, we currently offer a number of opportunities to join our corporate ranks. With some regularity, we open projects (or collaborate on open projects) for iOS, JAVA, .NET, and other developers.

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What is it like to work for APM Digital?

Becoming part of APM Digital is easy as long as you have a certain determination to move forward professionally and gain new experiences. If you have the desire to move forward and are not afraid to face challenges, we offer you the opportunity to work on fancy projects for Slovak, German and Austrian companies and concerns.

At APM Digital we will help you to start your freelance career, improve your communication in Slovak, English or German. With us you can gain experience and strengthen relationships within partner and client companies.

What does it mean to be a freelancer at APM?

  • You are the master of your time and you set your own working hours. It's up to you how many days a week you dedicate to projects and which days you work.

  • You choose your own projects based on their length, so you can tailor your work ethic to how efficiently you want to use your free time for yourself and your family.

  • You are the master of your work location. Do you want to work from home or from another country that is not in our time zone? You can do it all, without any restrictions. As long as you do your job responsibly, we don't care where in the world you are.

  • As a freelancer at APM Digital, you earn significantly more. In a few months of work, you can earn as much with our projects as regular TPP employees earn in a whole year. So what? Are you in?

What benefits do we offer you at APM Digital?

Now read carefully. If you're wondering why you should work with us, here are a few benefits that are definitely worth mentioning.

  • We provide our freelancers with superior financial compensation. We know how essential financial security and stability is for you. That's why if the client doesn't reimburse you financially on time, we will.

  • We provide follow-up projects. If one project ends, we will find you a second one right away so that you don't have to deal with downtime and lose your regular income.

  • Thanks to our wide cross-border network, we can provide you with projects both in Slovakia and abroad, mainly in Austria and Germany.

  • We advise on tax and contractual issues. With us, you can be sure that you will not break any rules when supplying services abroad.

Are you interested? Don't hesitate, send us your details to / and we will contact you personally! Become part of our growing team too. You'll be part of a young team with a great work ethic and we'll lend you a helping hand. Whenever you need it. We know that being a freelancer can be challenging at times, but at our company we take a fair and individual approach to everyone who works with us.

If you meet our requirements, we'll invite you for an interview and if you pass the interview, we'll sign a contract with you and then start working on the specific project you're best suited for.

If you're not sure if your CV has everything you need, that's fine. At APM Digital we will create an interesting personal profile for you in both Slovak and English, which will contain all the important information for our clients. We look forward to working with you!


IT EXPERTS GO WITH US | Change things for the better with us

As a company with a startup mentality, we want to change things for the better and to do that we need the best people on the market. Join us and you will not stagnate. You will work in international teams, expand your know-how and with us you will be pushing things forward and making visible change.

Change things for the better with us


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