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Salesforce Genie | Your credit card will no longer be misused on internet

APM Digital implements Salesforce CRM for customers and provides IT Leasing and Outsourcing services. We bring you news from the Salesforce conference in Prague.

Imagine you lost your credit card and it was reported stolen. However, in the meantime, someone has made a transaction, and you then have to deal with the bank in a lengthy manner. Similar problems are over thanks to Salesforce's new realtime plaftorm Genie.

Watch our video why is Salesforce Genie such a unique CRM system

The world's first real time CRM system

Salesforce Genie enables marketing and sales teams to meet customers right where they are through real-time data harmonization. This makes it significantly easier for any business to understand all of its data from any system, channel or data stream.

It integrates data from every step of a customer's journey into a single record on their profile. And this real-time customer profile can be used to instantly create an unprecedented level of personalization.

Genie thus delivers multiple benefits, but the biggest are automated workflows that can adapt in an instant based on new data and an unprecedented level of accuracy in analytics.

How does Genie work? It's simple

  • Connect all your data

  • Harmonize and plug them in so they work for you

  • Create a better experience and experience for your customer


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We are a stable IT partner in Germany and Slovakia, and we provide premium 5* star IT Outsourcing and Leasing service. With offices in Germany and Slovakia we are also very near to our customers.

We cover various technologies, like JAVA, .NET, C#, C++, CRM, PHP, Angular, React, Full-stack, MS Dynamics, Salesforce, iOS, Swift. We also provide specialists in project management, like Project Managers, PMO assistants and SCRUM Masters.

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