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We bring a fresh new concept in the work of IT guys. Work in a home-like environment with our team

The current pandemic-ridden world has raised a number of questions in the context of the future of the work of IT professionals. If you are one of them, you might be interested in our latest concept that we at APM Digital have prepared for our employees.

WORK | SPORT | RELAX in the APM Digital Lounge

The APM Digital Lounge allows you to work in a home-like environment among colleagues. The space is modern and informal, making people feel very comfortable. And how could the new space be described? Probably the best way to put it would be on an average day of our IT guy.

Do you want to jog or run in the morning on your way to work?

The location by the dam, where the new space is located, is perfect for that. Park your car, scooter or bike downstairs. Run upstairs, take a shower and have a tasty breakfast and get to work :)

Do you want to chat or air out without the climate?

Run to the large open-air terrace of the APM Digital Lounge. You can also grab a free beer on tap in our taproom, after work of course ;)

Want to switch off for a while?

The comfortable central area of the Lounge with sofa and armchairs is the answer.

Need to work undisturbed?

The Lounge has several hop-in sits equipped with monitors where you can plug in your laptop and work undisturbed.

Relax after work

At any time of the day, you can run to the mega food court nearby. You'll also be welcomed by quality local cafés and bars. In short, a super space that will make you feel perfect.

"Personally, I think it's a combination of the best of what a home office and a corporate space can offer. Our IT guys can meet informally with colleagues, have a space for discussions. It is simply an open and friendly environment with quality and affordable services in the area", said the company's founder, Marian Jurenka, about the new space.

Become an APM Digital IT guy and work in a cool environment

If you would like to become an IT guy at APM Digital, send us your CV or send us a message. And soon you can be in our cool Lounge too! Here are our open IT projects -

More information about APM Digital - our services, clients and projects can be found at


This is what our super cool APM Digital Lounge looks like:


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