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PPA Coordinator


Place of Work

Home office

Key facts about position

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Contract Type



By agreement

Short description

We are seeking a PPA Coordinator to join our project team. The ideal candidate will be responsible for establishing and managing a comprehensive system for tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) relevant to the quality of our project. This role involves both the setup of automated tracking tools and conducting manual check-ins to monitor these metrics closely.

Job description

• Implement a robust system for the continuous tracking of KPIs that are critical to assessing the project's quality. This includes the selection and setup of automated tracking tools as well as the establishment of routines for manual monitoring.

• On a weekly basis, evaluate the quality maturity level of the project. This involves analyzing the current state of quality control processes and practices, and categorizing them into predefined maturity levels to ensure consistent improvement.

• As part of the weekly quality maturity assessments, conduct thorough risk evaluations to identify potential risks associated with the current quality maturity level. Develop and implement strategies to mitigate these risks proactively.

• Work closely with project teams to gather, analyze, and report on KPI data. Provide insights and recommendations based on KPI trends to drive quality improvements across the project.


• Membership in APM.Digital club - become APM Expert

• Beer box for each APM Expert

• 100% work from home

• Multisport card

• Flexible working hours

• Tax and social counseling for freelancers

• Work with the most modern tools on the market in all areas

• Young team, frequent team building


• Deep understanding of the software development lifecycle and best practices in software quality assurance

• Hands-on experience with tools such as Git, Jenkins, Bitbucket, Artifactory, and build profiles

• Familiarity with Parasoft, ciFuzz, Sanitizers, Blackduck, including workflows and findings, is essential

• Strong skills in Python scripting are required for extracting and aggregating relevant metrics information from the KPI Lake

• Knowledge of Codebeamer for project management and tracking

The position is suitable for candidates with education

university I. degree

university II. degree

university III. degree

education in the field of IT

Language skills

English Language - fluent

German Language- advantage

Number of years of experience

Minimum of 3 years of experience

Information concerning the recruitment process

• We will give feedback to all candidates invited to the interview

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